auf Wunsch (optional gear)

Optional Uniform Items


1. Wool Tunic: M40, M42 or M43 models to be used as a Dress Uniform

2. Drillich HBT two pocket tunic*

3. Drillich HBT trousers**

4. Dot 44 Camo tunic*

5. Dot 44 Camo trousers**

6. Greatcoat: M40 or M42 models. M38 model is discouraged but is acceptable.***

7. German wool sweater***

8. German wool gloves with size rings***

9. German wool socks with size rings

10. SS M40 side cap

11. SS black athletic shorts

12. SS white athletic tank top

13. SS black track suit with or without insignia

(*) HBT Drillich or Dot 44 tunic is an optional use uniform when authorized by Unit Command. These tunics are better suited for use in warmer climates.

(**) Due to inclement weather and field use, it is strongly encouraged that each unit member have a spare pair of trousers either in wool, drillich, or Dot 44 Camo.

(***) Some events are during cold weather and appropriate clothing may be necessary.

Optional Equipment Items


1. SS Zeltbahn: Plane tree 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, Blurred Edge or Lateral is acceptable. Oak A and Oak B are allowed but discouraged. Palm pattern and Italian camo are not authorized.

2. Tornister Packs: M34 “Pony Fur” or M39 Canvas

3. M31 Rucksack: Gray, olive or brown colors are acceptable. Luftwaffe blue is not authorized.

4. M31 Clothing Bag

5. Flashlight

Optional Personal Items


1. Period correct wrist watch or pocket watch. Accurate modern representations are strongly encouraged, as original may get damaged during use at events.

2. German bedding set of pillow case and slip cover.

3. German leather wallet

4. Period style glass bottles with hinged stoppers, commonly sold through ALDI or IKEA)

5. Period correct wooden crates to stow and transport your gear and equipment to events.

NOTE: Prior to obtaining any optional items, consult with Unit NCOs or Command to ensure accepted style and make are purchased and the items are correct for your impression.